TKAM Blog Post #2

This week we read chapters 10-14 of the book, and all of the detail in this short amount of the novel is really amazing. There’s so much conflict with Scout and Jem as they grow up, and with Atticus as a father doing what’s right for his kids. Atticus brings Aunt Alexandra to stay with … More TKAM Blog Post #2

20 Time Update #7

This week I’ve been working on how exactly I should go about learning bass. My learning target is that I don’t want to just mess around and learn songs temporarily, I want to learn in a way where I can continue growing as a bass player long past this project. I did research on the … More 20 Time Update #7

20 Time Update #6

So today we’re apparently halfway through the project? The prompt for this blog post says so, but I don’t really see it. My project is barely beginning at this point, but I know that this week I need to kick it into gear. At the end of April our research paper for this project is … More 20 Time Update #6

20 Time Update #4

Alright, decision time. I’ve decided to just jump on my guitar project idea because yeah, it isn’t my best idea for impacting the community, but it is something I’ve always wanted to do. If I don’t force myself to try to learn how to play guitar now, when will I ever have another opportunity to … More 20 Time Update #4

20 Time Update #3

Yay another update even though I’ve barely done anything! Okay, that’s kind of a lie, because I did research just how much I would need to spend on a semi-decent guitar to learn on, which seems to be around $100 – $120. I’m totally fine with that, but it’s more of the project I’m struggling with. … More 20 Time Update #3

20 Time Update #2

Alright, first off let me apologize for putting this up so late. Life has been a little crazy with schoolwork. AP Human has been killing me all week between terms and a test I didn’t do well on, and then a giant midterm review packet and a midterm I did really well on. But complaining … More 20 Time Update #2