Welcome to Adventures of a Teenage Dreamer!

20150926_133404My name’s Jordan, and this blog is literally my adventures through my teenage life as a high school student. I’ve always had my head in the clouds ever since I was a little kid, and daydreaming helped me escape my reality when I was going through a bad time in my life. Because of my dreamer status, I’ve always loved books as they are new worlds for me to get lost in. If I was Alice, books would be my rabbit hole, and the same thing goes for movies. I become enthralled with the story behind something, and as an aspiring artist I let out my creativity through drawings and other pieces I will post here. While art is my thing, I love skiing, animals, and anything fashion related as well (I guess that can only make sense, I did grow up on Nat Geo and Say Yes to the Dress after all). I’ll definitely be sharing my opinions on certain topics as well, whether it be pop culture or science related because I’m kind of a nerd.

This blog will be for me to post what I’ve done in all of my classes at school, but it’s mainly a project for my English and Design Lab classes. Design Lab is a fun little story I’ll get to later, but it hosts a lot of creative ideas that are perfect to put here. Any art I make will gladly be displayed here as well, even though I’m not in a single art class and I only take Art Club at the school (long story).

I’ve tried making blogs in the past but I never stuck with it, but I really want this to be a place to just spout my thoughts. Whether it’s just writing about my day or actually working on important projects for school, I want to keep this blog running for a long time. Some readers would be nice too 🙂


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