Haroun Lens Project Reflection

Studying the Hero’s Journey wasn’t all fun and games, and my group and I also had to make a project based around it! I’ve put visuals of what the Hero’s Journey looks like in my older posts, but the one below is the one we used for our annotations on the book and for our project. We were thinking about making a Prezi or something to map out the Hero’s Journey in the world of Haroun, when my teacher suggested we make a map of it on a giant sheet of paper. It was a lot more simple than computer work, and I think it turned out really nice!


We drew out the general idea of the placement of landmarks in Alifbay and tried to divide up a circle for Kahani as it should be in the book. I’m surprisingly awesome at remembering plot details and minor setting details (must be the artist in me), and I included really minute details we probably didn’t need. Drawing it was a lot of fun, and while we were originally planning on putting the details of each event of the Hero’s Journey where they technically happened, but instead we just glued them around the poster.


I don’t remember making a map of the Hero’s Journey ever, but I remember making random maps when I was a little kid with my brother about places we imagined. In school though, I’ve never got to do something exactly like this and I thought it was fun.

I was really satisfied by how simple and casual the project felt compared to other people’s powerpoints, and our project had a level of creativity not many other people’s had. Drawing everything and coloring it gave my group a lot of creative freedom. It was a little frustrating trying to find where each piece of the Hero’s Journey fit into the book, but it was nice going back through the story to find the right details. Our descriptions were pretty general, and a couple of the stages had to be skipped since Haroun didn’t experience Refusal of the Call or Temptation, etc., but it all fit pretty nicely (especially when we outlined them in the color of the rainbow perfectly!).


The “Design Specs” rubric found in the link at the bottom is basically our grading rubric for projects made in Ghenglish class, and my teacher made us all cute Haroun-themed ones for the day we presented at school. If I was the teacher grading my project, some comments I would make about it is that our project is definitely beautiful and unique, and even though the idea of a map has been done by others in class, I think we were different in our use of design and description. The only problems with it would be that it isn’t very poignant, and doesn’t really give the audience any emotions. The project is pretty relevant, as we went very in depth during our presentation of it, and I added a significance to it that stated how the Hero’s Journey provides a background to better understand the crazy plot of Haroun. The project looks simple, but I think it captured the information clearly. We possibly could have gone deeper with the significance, but our presentation of it hit many points.

Looking at this piece, one thing I want to improve on is making details more visible to the audience, as I thought our descriptions of each stage of the Hero’s Journey were too small for anyone to read. We explained them ourselves while presenting, but a powerpoint would have displayed the information aspect of the map better. A goal I’d like to set for myself for the next project would be to practice presenting it a lot more, because I get really nervous and it’s hard for me to talk about everything I want to on the fly. By improving my presentation skills, I think a lot of my projects could come off better to the class.



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