Design Lab: Open Study Update #1

We’ve hit the ground running with my open project idea of designing a Ghenglish class for 11th and 12th graders, and I think it’s really amazing how the project has developed and unfolded within days. A little update on what we have done is that Katie and I have handed in our proposal for the project, we’ve given an elevator pitch to the class on it (basically a mini presentation with the gist), and we’ve found out that there is a meeting regarding the Gifted program at our school next Friday, the 9th, where we can possibly present our ideas. To me it’s insanely cool that my project is already going so far, and it’s just showing me how passion and some guidance can have great results.

Image result for design thinking

So about the elevator pitch, Katie and I had to explain to the rest of the class what our project is, why it’s important, the problems with it, and what we want it to be all in 90 seconds. We did really well I think, because even though I hate presenting my classmates seemed to think the project was really cool, and they could see the possibility it contained. What really got everyone’s attention was the meeting I mentioned on Friday, because Mr. Heidt wants us to write up a curse description for the two classes we’re creating and present it to teachers and administrators (yikes).

We’re trying to mix together aspects of AP and Honors English classes with Gifted to make a good class for both 11th and 12th grade, and our course descriptions really matter. Feedback from all of the Ghenglish kids is going to help too, so we’re creating a survey for them, as we’ve gotten push pack from people worried about AP status, college preparation, and people who just want to have Mr. Heidt again.


Also, we had to read an article out of a few Mr. Heidt found, so I chose to read “We Are Not a Class; We Are a Start-up!” which you can find here. The article was really cute, and it was all about Mt. Vernon’s iDiploma program, which introduces 9th graders to design thinking. Some of the kids in the article were working on ideas for clients like ATT and Porsche, which I thought was really cool! The whole program focuses on collaboration, and I thought it was a great summary of what our Design Lab class is working towards being and is already.

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