Design Lab: Open Study Update #5

And so the poor project has passed away…

I mean, it’s only been a week since the last update, but in that time Katie and I have discovered that in the short time we have left, there’s not much else we can do for this. Design Lab ends as a class on 1/27/17, and Mr. Heidt invited some guests for us to present our projects to next Wednesday. Basically, this means we have to scrounge up a good report and presentation in only a few days, since we have a three day weekend and I’ll be camping (yikes).

I tried to be optimistic in the last update about how we were going to change our project to deal with the AP classes, so we had a meeting scheduled with the AP English teachers for the 10th. It happened, and let me just say it went just as bad as the last one… we weren’t prepared, and the minimal interviewing and data collecting we did was easily shot down by the teachers’ counterpoints.

The points they made however were really helpful, and it made Katie and I realize how much further we could have pushed our original project if we had just gone back and redid everything. We should have been in communication with the AP English teachers the entire time to design our courses, we should have contacted people like Anya Smith who has done what we want to do, and we should have talked to the 12th graders who had taken AP and Ghenglish and found as much research and data as possible.

The project as a whole was messy, and even though we did some great work there isn’t enough time for us to do what we want to do with it. Mr. Heidt tried making Design Lab as a year long course for next year, but the district didn’t approve that or the idea for people who have taken the class to be able to take it again. I want to keep working so badly, but this great idea has taken its ride out.

I’ll be back again soon with more updates about D-Lab (it isn’t over yet!) and on the report we’re doing. I’m honestly excited to make it, but the short deadline and tiring amount of other school work is driving me up a wall. Hopefully it won’t be too sarcastic!!

R.I.P Designing Ghenglish for 11th and 12th graders (2016-2017)


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