The Start of 20 Time

Alright, here we go again. If you don’t know what the 20 Time Project is, it’s basically a project we do in Ghenglish where one day a week we focus on a project of our choosing that needs to have a social impact. I feel a little more prepared for this than last year because of Design Lab, but idea-wise, I’m lost.

Last year I made an art account on Instagram, and I had this goal to show my progression in my art skills, but because of procrastination and being busy I only got to post a few things.20160603_175622-1.jpg Being in art club helped, but I got bored of it quickly as it felt like I had to make art even when I wasn’t in the artsy mood. It was fun while it lasted, and I was proud of at least putting myself out there. You can check out that project here, and my art on my Instagram account is linked to on this blog in the margin.

So this year, I want to do something totally different. Ever since I was little, I’ve always dreamed of playing the guitar and being in a band – thanks to my brother, who’s a musical genius. Originally I did singing lessons, which were pretty much a fail, but I’ve been inspired by my brother and the bands I love for my whole life. If I did learn how to play the guitar for my project, I was thinking about either making a YouTube channel to document my progress/cover songs, or my friend came up with the idea of hosting a concert.

Why the italics? Because the thought of that terrifies me! I would love it, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not all that musically or socially inclined. I would have to talk to local bands, find a venue to host it all, and basically run the whole show, which would be amazing, but really nerve-racking. Also, my whole goal is to learn guitar, but I don’t even know if I’ll be very good at it, and I don’t want the concert to overshadow my learning. I have the means to make the concert happen, especially with the help of my friend, but I don’t know.

electric-guitar-jpg-2366564.jpg (498×160)

I had another idea the other night though, after watching the movie The Edge of Seventeen. It’s a great movie that was just really inspiring, and it made me realize that even in the darkest times,edge_of_seventeen.jpg (500×755) there are happy moments to be found in life (I wrote a poem about this for my Creative Writing class). This helped me a lot because recently I’ve been dealing with a bit of heartbreak, but I’ve been doing okay because of that idea.

So I thought, why not write a book? It would basically be a memoir about my life so far, which is a little cheesy since I’m young, but I think writing about my memories in the same style I found in the movie would have that same effect. I would want it to be funny with happy moments, beautiful moments, and depressing, dark moments just to show what life is, at least for me. If I did this for my project, I think I would have a goal to write at least a few chapters by the end of the project, and also put the chapters online somewhere to get them out there.

I’m not really sure how I would measure my success, but maybe I could get a publisher to read it? I think writing is a passion I have that goes unrecognized a lot, but this book could help me just get my ideas down for someone to relate to. I have a fear of forgetting the memories in my life, so a memoir could help me save memories that have created who I am.

Elmwood-Park-Zoo-Logo.png (2182×1128)

Other than that, I don’t really have anything else. I was thinking about doing something with animals or to help animals, whether at a shelter or the Elmwood Park Zoo, but I think I’m going to base my graduation project around that. I feel like I’m not being reaching far enough for 20 Time because after taking Design Lab, I know what inspires me and what I can do. Something about 20 Time though isn’t inspiring me quite like Design Lab always did.


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