20 Time Update #2

Alright, first off let me apologize for putting this up so late. Life has been a little crazy with schoolwork. AP Human has been killing me all week between terms and a test I didn’t do well on, and then a giant midterm review packet and a midterm I did really well on. But complaining doesn’t help anyone, so on to 20 Time.

I’m still pretty stuck on my ideas. I’d love to learn guitar, but I feel like there isn’t enough time and my fear of performing is holding me back from just jumping into it. Every time I listen to my favorite music though it hits me, why don’t I just learn? I don’t need to be amazing from the get-go, and I know I would love even just experimenting with such a big dream of mine.


As for the writing a book idea, I definitely don’t think I’ll do that anymore. It was a good idea, but I already lost my passion for it as I honestly forgot I had thought of doing it. If that isn’t a warning sign for the future, I don’t know what is, but maybe I’ll revisit it another time.

Image result for king's cageI have been thinking about my graduation project though, and I’m really excited to say I’ve already signed up to be a volunteer at the Perkiomen Watershed! I absolutely love learning about the environment and I’m really passionate about wanting to help it, so I think the project will be perfect for me. There’s a bunch of things there I can help out with, which range from helping with the Conservancy’s social media and website presence, and cleaning up the Perkiomen Creek this spring. I’ll probably write blog posts about that, too!

As for 20 Time, there will definitely be a new update on here for Tuesday. I really need to make decisions about what I’m doing by then, but if I have a great idea like I did for my graduation project, I’m sure I’ll be okay. I could do basically anything, which is an overwhelming thought. In other news, King’s Cage came out! (Y’know, the third book in the Red Queen series?) I’ve been meaning to do book reviews on the whole series because I love it. So. Much. So hopefully I’ll get to that soon and read the book I’ve been waiting months for!


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