20 Time Update #3

Yay another update even though I’ve barely done anything! Okay, that’s kind of a lie, because I did research just how much I would need to spend on a semi-decent guitar to learn on, which seems to be around $100 – $120. I’m totally fine with that, but it’s more of the project I’m struggling with.

Image result for Epiphone PR-150 Acoustic Guitar
Epiphone PR-150

I’d love to learn guitar, and of course it’s a dream of mine, but I don’t know how I’d really turn it into a real project. The concert idea would be perfect, but it’s a lot of work in a short period of time. I feel like I should keep looking for other options because as I saw with my grad project, I just instantly loved an idea. I need to find something to click with, but every time I try brainstorming I get stuck in the same train of thought again and again. Also, I’m afraid of learning an instrument with a deadline placed on me, because it isn’t an easy thing to do with my minimal musical background (I knew how to read music in 6th grade).


So, brainstorming. I could always do something with the environment, but I don’t know if it will take away from my grad project. It could be cool though, especially with the obvious global warming going on this winter. Then I could do something with art, but I played that project out already and I want to do something new. I do think being able to express myself is the best, through things like making vlogs on YouTube or writing a book. I’m passionate about writing and sharing my ideas, so I think there’s an unlocked idea there.

Pic from the PUP concert I was at!

We have to start planning out our projects a little, so if I were to go with learning how to play the guitar, these are my thoughts for what the project would be. Making videos and posting them somewhere, either on YouTube or Instagram, would give me a weekly deliverable where I could physically see my progress. I need to impact the community in a bigger way than just posting videos people might not see, so I’d have to perform somewhere. Creating a concert in the community would be great for bringing musicians in the school and in the area together, and my friend would help me plan and run the whole thing. Between him and my brother, I have enough connections to get a good set going but all I know is that this would kill me work and anxiety-wise.

I have to decide what to do hopefully by next Monday, so I’ll keep everyone updated.


One thought on “20 Time Update #3

  1. J.,
    Maybe take a look at what other people are doing, both in your class and otherwise. Is there a way to link up with others who are doing artistic type projects and join with them to put on something at a local coffee shop or such? That’d be easier than a big concert/showcase like Irina did.


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