20 Time Update #4

Alright, decision time. I’ve decided to just jump on my guitar project idea because yeah, it isn’t my best idea for impacting the community, but it is something I’ve always wanted to do. If I don’t force myself to try to learn how to play guitar now, when will I ever have another opportunity to make sure I try it? Knowing me, I’d keep pushing it off until it never happened, and I think I’d always regret it. Also knowing me, I might change my mind, but we’ll ignore that for right now.

Image result for guitarsFor what my deliverables will be, I definitely have to make videos of my progress. YouTube is my best bet, which will be a cool experience, but I also want to learn a different song every few weeks, almost as a mini goal for each update. I have to impact the community somehow, so a performance is a must, and Mr. Heidt had the idea of just doing it at a cafe or something. It doesn’t need to be big, but I could get other students in class to perform, and I know I’ll have help from my friends. There’s a bookstore in town with a little cafe, which would be perfect. Maybe it can be a whole presentation event for the class?

Obviously, next course of action: getting a guitar. I mean it’s kind of essential, right? I’m not too sure when exactly I’ll do that, but in the meantime I can always reteach myself how to read music and just do more research in general about playing an instrument. In 7th grade, we had to learn how to play the guitar and read music, so I used to know how to read music really well. The guitar stuff was limited, I mean, doing this stuff with a class of rowdy 13 year-olds is really going to go far (not).

Image result for music genres

We also need to have three points of research for our project, which will probably feed into the research paper we have to do at the end of the project. I absolutely love the psychology behind things, as seen from my previous project, so here’s what I’ve been thinking:

  • What’s the psychology behind why people like music?
  • How has music developed over time?
  • Why do people enjoy different genres of music?

I might adjust these once the research paper comes around, but the more science the better for me. I could use these questions in the presentation of my project because I could connect them to how I’ve been impacted by music personally, and connect it to how everyone is impacted by music in some way. Music is art, which can communicate ideas to different people even without words, which is so important to me.

Image result for design squiggle

Before I forget, I just realized that my train of thought is completely the same as the world-renown Design Squiggle. Design Lab stuck with me! And now that my vision for this project is starting to clear, hopefully I’ll be able to make smoother decisions.


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