20 Time Update #5, Part I

Back with 20 Time yet again, and this week we were supposed to present the elevator pitches for our projects to the class. I made a little slideshow and script for it, but Mr. Heidt never got to me. So here’s Part I of II!

IMG_20160625_121033 (1)

Alright, so guitar project is a go, but then there’s a slight hitch to my plans. I was talking to Katie in our new Creative Writing class (Design Lab’s replacement) and for her poems she was looking up flower language. I love stuff like that, so as a joke I was like, what if we made a 20 Time project out of it? Turns out my joking actually led to us completely mapping out a project based around flower language, which is awesome! I didn’t jump on it right away because of my guitar project, but Katie made it her own project in order to make it really happen. I was really on the fence about which project I should do, since I like the sound of both, but I decided I’ll continue with mine and just help Katie.

The plans for her project would be to make a book with illustrations (my job), descriptions, and poems for the flowers we choose, and then she’ll make a video using bouquets of these flowers in an actual conversation! I’m really excited to help, but I didn’t switch over completely because research and other work is limited between the two of us, and I really want to learn guitar still. Even so, I included both projects in my slideshow, and I’m just flat-out excited to get drawing the flowers as a job.

Language of flowers.jpg (640×412)

For my guitar project, still need to get the guitar and start working, but with my presentation moved to Monday, it’s no big deal yet.



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