20 Time Update #5, Part II

Have I?? Actually made progress?? Well, I’ve been making progress on lots of things including those not 20 Time related, but I’m still really excited to share them. Anyway, I finally had my project pitch yesterday! And, sadly it didn’t go as well as planned.

I don’t know if I psyched myself out or what, but when I went up to present I was just a bundle of nerves. Last Thursday I was super prepared and felt like I would nail it, but yesterday I think I lost that feeling, and going first on the spot didn’t help. But bad presenting aside, I did get good feedback at least. Everyone liked my backstory a lot since I just rambled on about my brother and Paramore, but I fell short on telling people how I would do my project. A lot of people were surprised I was going to teach myself how to read music – I did explain that I used to know how, so I think it’ll come back to me pretty quickly, but the reason I’m not nervous about it personally is because I don’t have to be perfect at it. My brother taught himself a good handful of instruments, but he can barely read any music, or at least he can’t play by sight reading.


Another issue people found with my project is the workload. Learning an instrument is definitely a lot, and when I added that I’ll be illustrating for Katie, some people thought I was going to overwork myself. I don’t think helping Katie will be too much of a big deal, but I definitely need to manage my time with my own project.

Links to my project presentation:

Also, I have some interesting news – I’m probably going to learn bass instead! I was talking to my brother about this whole ordeal and he said that if I want to learn something easily, bass is the way to go, as there aren’t any chords to worry about. It helps that we also have my brother’s bass already down in the basement. He put it in the shop for me over the weekend since it needed strings and such, but that means I can start learning by this weekend! He’d prefer if I taught myself the basics, but I know he’ll be hovering over me the whole time.


As a wrap up to all this I have to include my timeline for my project, which is below. It’s all very up in the air as I don’t really know exactly when the research paper will be due or when Mr. Heidt and I will decide to hold my concert, but here are the main ideas:

March 21st Start project (including reading music and bass basics) sometime this week and begin working on Project Proposal.
March 28th Project Proposal due, have YouTube channel set up, and possibly make an introduction vlog.
April 4th Vlog Pitch for class due, also have first video done for channel (both will go on Youtube)
April 18th Blog #6 due, continue working on research, and have another video or two posted, and start looking into venues.
May 2nd Blog #8 due, work on making a video for a song, have venue work underway.
May 16th Blog #10 due, Song #2 video
May 30th PROJECT DUE (probably) – Have a good amount of vlogs and performance done, as well as the research paper.

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