20 Time Update #6

So today we’re apparently halfway through the project? The prompt for this blog post says so, but I don’t really see it. My project is barely beginning at this point, but I know that this week I need to kick it into gear. At the end of April our research paper for this project is due, and while I need to focus on research for that, I need to start learning how to play bass. If today was the last day of my project, I’d be very disappointed because I don’t have any work to show.


This week, my goals are to make my YouTube channel, make a Twitter account for this blog and for reaching out for my project, and begin relearning how to read music. I want to come up with a creative name for my Twitter and YouTube to share, but I don’t know what I could make it. Alexatiger is my username for pretty much everything, but we’ll see what I end up thinking of.

Image result for youtube logoAs for my mentor, I have my brother Zach to help me through all this. He’s really excited to see me learning an instrument, and he’s even offering guitar lessons to his friends if they pay him. My biggest issue with any project ever is just starting to work on things, because I doubt myself and my abilities, and then I dread working on it. I’m finishing a lot of assignments this week, so hopefully by the weekend I can show some progress. Finally, right?Image result for twitter logo

Edit: I made my  Twitter account, so you can follow me @MourningRiser! You can click the link here or in the sidebar of my blog.



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