20 Time Update #7

This week I’ve been working on how exactly I should go about learning bass. My learning target is that I don’t want to just mess around and learn songs temporarily, I want to learn in a way where I can continue growing as a bass player long past this project. I did research on the web, and they all say that you should study music and learn songs at the same time. I can’t rush my learning, but starting off with easy songs and building up seems to be the best way to go. Here are some websites I thought were really helpful:


Also, there’s some really exciting news! Mr. Heidt and I visited the Towne Bookcenter to talk about setting up the 20 Time Presentation event, and it’s a go! It’s going to be on June 10th, and the staff seems really excited to help and advertise for us. Besides figuring out the logistics, I have to get people to sign up to present. Either way, I’m happy my idea is going somewhere.

This blog post is late this week because something else exciting happened, my family and I went to Cleveland! We’ve always wanted to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and it was great. Cleveland is a gorgeous city, and hearing the stories of all of the greatest rock stars was very inspirational (I found some Paramore stuff, too!).

IMG_20170416_125814_370Next course of action is worrying about the research paper I have to do for this project by the end of the month. My three driving questions I thought up in an earlier blog post were:

  • What’s the psychology behind why people like music?
  • How has music developed over time?
  • Why do people enjoy different genres of music?

I still very much like these questions, and for the paper I want it to flow with the explanation of my project so that the psychology ties into why I love and connect to music so much, the development of music coinciding with how I decided to learn bass, and how people enjoy different genres going with my impact on society. I like the flow, I just need to get it done.


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