20 Time Update #8 (Basically #9)

Alright, AP just ended and my major focus now is this. I’ve been working on the research paper, but I’m not dead set on how I’m going to format my essay. It’s a narrative as well, so I think if I just start writing the layout will come naturally to me. I just need to find inspiration to get myself going.

As for learning bass, I found this awesome YouTube channel called CoversSolutions that teaches you bass tabs and practice activities as well as actual songs. I went through the songs they had on the channel and decided to start learning Say It Ain’t So by Weezer, and I love that song. I’m struggling mainly with switching between frets on time since my hands are really small, but practicing is helping a lot. You can see the video I’m using below:

I also have to start painting flowers for Katie and setting up the event in June. I made flyers, which is good right? They look like a 5 year-old made them but it’s cool.

IN OTHER NEWS Paramore released their new album! No one knows how excited I was for it, and while it’s super different for them it’s still beautiful. Caught In The Middle is my favorite song so far and it has a good bass line, so I want to try and learn it as my second song. Go check it out!


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